How To Treat Yellow Teeth in 5 Steps

How To Treat Yellow Teeth in 5 Steps Everyone should have a winning smile, because research shows that a great smile actually does help you win! Benefits of an attractive smile include social benefits, relationship benefits, and even appearing smarter!

A study conducted on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) found that an improved smile makes you appear more successful, interesting, and intelligent – as well as more attractive.

But what if your yellowing teeth cause you to hide your smile with your hand, cover it with your lips, or turn your head away from people when you smile or speak?

In that case, you should talk to use at BDF Dental about strategies to reduce or prevent your yellowing.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

There are two types of yellow or discolored teeth. There are teeth with external/extrinsic or surface stains, and the other type is teeth with intrinsic or internal stains. Different causes lead to different type of discoloration.

Extrinsic Discolouration

Insufficient Oral Hygiene: The simplest way to keep your teeth clean and white is to brush and floss at least twice a day, every morning after breakfast and every night before going to bed. It would be great if you visited your dentist every six months for a thorough examination and also got your cleaning and polishing done, when needed.

Diet: A variety of foods and drinks can cause your teeth to become yellow. These include tea, coffee, colored colas and sodas, wine, several fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, apples, cherries, berries, etcetera.

Social Habits: The social habits that contribute to discolouration include smoking and drinking. Both of these habits are hazardous to your health as well, so the best thing to do is quit smoking or tobacco chewing and reduce drinking.

Previous Fillings/Restorations: Some materials used for fillings become stained over time, especially composite material. These make your teeth look yellower and may need to be replaced every few years.

Intrinsic Discoloration

Genetics: Genetics contribute to the thickness of the different layers of the tooth. The outermost layer is called enamel and is white in appearance. The thicker this layer, the whiter your teeth appear to be. The second layer, just below enamel, is called dentin. This layer has the yellowish coloration. If the thickness of enamel is less, your teeth will appear yellow because the dentin shows through more.

Aging: As we age, out teeth become yellow. This is because the enamel of your teeth continues to wear off throughout your life and the yellow dentin shows through.

Excessive Fluoride Intake: This condition is referred to as fluorosis. Excessive fluoride causes the enamel layer to develop abnormalities, leading to undesired teeth discolouration.

Diseases: Some diseases disrupt the development of enamel and dentin of teeth. For head and neck cancers, chemotherapy and radiation therapy also cause yellowish discolouration of teeth.

Medications: Some antibiotics cause yellow or discoloration in teeth. Antihypertensive drugs, antipsychotic medications and antihistamines are also known to cause yellowish discolouration.

Preventing and Dealing With Yellowing

There are several treatment options for yellow teeth, so deciding how to get rid of yours will largely depend on the specific cause, your age, and the condition of your teeth.

At BDF Dental, we employ a gentle, supervised take-home dental whitening kit. This tooth whitening method is ideal for patients who want to perform the treatment in the comfort of their own home. Your BDF Dental dentist will provide precise instructions on how to use the custom trays correctly.

It is as simple as following these few steps:

  1. Make an appointment for a clean and polish, as you don’t want to be whitening possible tartar build up.
  2. Impressions are taken to make the personalized trays.
  3. A few days later you’re ready to start whitening.
  4. Within a week you will notice a distinct difference in colour, in most cases 4 – 5 shades.
  5. Wear trays for 1 hour in morning and 1 hour at night.

Benefits of Home Tooth Whitening Kits

  • The whitening trays fit comfortably over your teeth.
  • The trays prevent any bleaching gel from spilling out onto your gums.
  • Provides patients with greater control over the final colour of teeth.
  • The whitening trays can be reused in the future to top up the results.

In some cases deep stains or discolouration will be treated with dental veneers or repairs, but in most cases home tooth whitening is the perfect answer to yellow or stained teeth!

Teeth Whitening Consultation at BDF Dental

If you are dreaming of a brilliant, white smile, call or visit our BDF Dental clinic in Beaudesert today. Discover how our at-home teeth whitening system can help you get a whiter smile that’s healthy and long lasting.

Contact us on (07) 3351 3366 or book your appointment online today.

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