Dental Implants in Beaudesert: Should You Shop Around?

Dental Implants Should You Shop Around | Dentist Beaudesert Today’s dental patient has myriad options for restoring both health and beauty to even the most damaged teeth. In this environment dental implants are becoming among the most popular and cutting edge dental solutions. In addition to excellent aesthetics, dental implants also have extraordinary longevity.

However, implants are expensive and require a massive commitment of time. From the first consultation to the day you eat and smile with your new teeth, getting dental implants can last from a few months to a year of your life depending on the condition of your oral health issues.

You may be chomping at the bit to start the process as quickly as possible, but given the investment of time and money you will be making to get your dental implants, it only makes sense to look around for the most qualified implant dentist in the Arana area.

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Criteria for choosing an Arana dental implant dentist

Many dentists offer free consultations on dental implants, we certainly do at BDF Dental, and you should take advantage of that opportunity. We suggest that you obtain at least three quotes for dental implants. In order to help you in your search, we recommend that you should ask the following questions when meeting with each dentist:

  • Training: You have the right to hear about the training your general dentist or specialist has undergone. Training in implant dentistry can range from attending lectures to extensive, hands-on courses. It is generally safest to choose a dentist who seeks out ongoing education opportunities and stays aware of the newest developments in implant techniques and materials.
  • Experience: Definitely learn how many years a dentist has performed implant surgery and how many cases he or she completes every year. Experience is a great teacher, improving both surgical and aesthetic technique. Extensive practice means that a dentist has seen the types of complications that can occur and knows how to prevent or resolve them.
  • Cost: If you have dental insurance, you probably want to choose a dentist who participates in your insurance plan to maximise your rebate. Prices are quite different from dentist to dentist, and the only way to determine what is a fair price is to do some comparison shopping.
  • Comfort: If everything else is equal, your overall comfort level with your dentist, the dental staff, and the office space should be of highest priority. Is the dentist likeable, compassionate, and easy to communicate with? Do staff members provide individualised service rather than treating you like just another face in the crown? Is the office modern and clean? The implant process can take months, so you should have complete confidence that you will be as comfortable and safe as possible over the course of the treatment.
  • Who manufactures the materials: Don’t underestimate the role of the laboratory that manufactures your teeth. The dentist places the implants, creates the design of your teeth, and eventually connects the teeth to the implants. However, the actual creation of your new teeth is in the hands of technicians whose level of skill is reflected in your mouth every time you smile.
  • Ask for a treatment time line: Because so much time is involved in dental implants, you don’t want to waste too much of it in a dental chair or, worse, in a waiting room.
  • Ask around: Word of mouth is a good reference. Ask friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations. Personal recommendations are a good way to find a dentist that can perform your implant for a reasonable price. Some dental offices even offer discounts on for referrals and those who have referred them. Check with friends, family, and co-workers to see if they’ve had dental implants done and ask if they believe their dentist can perform the procedure at a good rate. A reliable implant practice should be happy to share contact information of patients who will be pleased to share their experiences. It goes without saying that the Internet is another invaluable sleuthing tool!
  • Finally, test the entire team: Chat with the receptionist. In a good practice the entire staff is integrated for the purpose of serving their patients’ needs.

Dental implant treatment is an excellent treatment that can change your smile, bit, and even life. But it is also a significant investment of your time and money. A little research at the outset can pay off handsomely down the road.

Shop carefully, ask questions, and invest wisely. Your perfect smile will yield you lifelong rewards!

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